God Meets Us Where We Are

God meets us where we are in a language we can understand. This is the message Brother Isaiah and Father Mark-Mark of the CFRs have for us this week, and it is conveyed quite beautifully in Brother Isaiah’s song “Sweet Simplicity” from his album Poco a Poco. You can listen to the album wherever music is streamed, and can purchase it by following this link: Poco a Poco.

Lyrics to Brother Isaiah’s song, “Sweet Simplicity”

The sea, it beckons to me

In every wave and in the breeze.

In every kite and changing light,

You call to me.

And the sky, so big and blue

Wrapping me round and round with you.

Sweet sunshine, you make me feel so fine.

You draw me close.


And the birds, so sweet and pure

Singing their songs without a care in the world

Remind me all will be well with …

And I know that all will be well

While flowers unfold in sunlight

Bringing me wonder with the fragrant delight,

The signs that this life is a beautiful thing

With all the sorrows and joys that it brings.


You come to me in simplicity.

Show me who I am and whom I’m made to be.

Sweet simplicity, let it be, yeah.

With purity now I see how you

Come to me in simplicity

Show me who I am and whom I’m made to be.

Sweet simplicity, let it be.

With purity now I see, yeah.

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