Fifth Week of Lent: When the Battle Gets Tough

The Ascension Lenten Companion: Year B

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This week, Fr. Mark Toups shares the story of Hernán Cortés, a Spanish soldier who found himself on the shores of the New World at the turn of the 15th century. He knew that once the battle started, there would be temptation to flee, surrender, or go back to an “easier” life away from war. So he told his men to burn the ships. To burn the ships they came over on, leaving them with no choice but to fight the battle that was in front of them. 

We all have ships we’re tempted by when life gets hard, but we need to “burn the ships” so that, when temptation comes, we can choose Christ.

Meet Fr. Mark Toups

Ordained in 2001, Fr. Mark Toups is a priest for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, where he serves the Diocese as Director of Seminarians. In addition, Fr. Toups works with the Institute for Priestly Formation, specializing in communications, development, and spiritual direction.

Fr. Toups has also served as pastor of St. Lucy’s Catholic Church in Houma, LA and St. Luke’s Catholic Church in Thibodaux, LA. He received his Master’s of Divinity from Notre Dame Seminary in New Orleans. A college graduate of Nicholls State University, he is a native of Houma, LA.