Does God Love Some People More?

Fr. Mike’s answer to this question may make you think differently about God’s love. He helps to reorient our perspective—explaining that it is not about how much God loves us, but about our capacity to receive his love. If the most valuable thing in the world is limited only by our desire for it, why not take as much of it as we can get?


  1. Sandy S

    Thank you Father Mike. You said it well. I’m a mother of 6, and the only change I’d make on your talk, is that it’s “Lovin’ ON” that we do as parents, and what God does on us. We are lovin’ on some of our kids more, because that’s what they need at this time. We give more or less to those who need more or less to grow into loving citizens of the Kingdom of God. As parents, God commissions us to be His emissaries, because our children need someone PHYSICAL to convey the love and care of God to them until their understanding can grasp the greatness of God in their own minds and hearts.
    That goes for all aspects of their lives, and expands past our children, to all those God puts in our paths to “love on” :).
    Father Mike, thank you for all the time you spend, proclaiming to us, so much understanding of God to us. We need it. Our day jobs don’t let us do the legwork you obviously do, and we are so very grateful you share it, and yourself with us.
    May God Bless You Abundantly.

  2. CLQ24

    Thank you for this video. This is something I have often wondered this myself and while I have asked many priests about this, it was not until this video that I finally understood how God loves us.

  3. Jim G.

    Father Mike is great! His explanations bring Catholicism down to the people. Love this guy!

  4. Jacqueline Fitzgerald

    I have watched this more then once… as usual you speak to the hearts and souls carrying us to a higher truth that simply is in the will of absolute. Thank you! Might I say also how selfish I can be in the need for a Fr. Mike pep talk. I come here religiously to find your words of soul wisdom to that captivates my own. Im sure I speak for us all when I say it feels like going through withdrawal when we don’t get a weekly dose of Fr. Mike’s spiritual medicine. To that you medicinally sooth, nurture and guide our internal truth… leaving us feeling well, and aligned with purpose on life’s sojourn. Heartfelt warmth of enduring love and light with a depth of prayers upon you, Fr. Mike and ascensionpresents. God Bless.

  5. Deb Kramper

    wow wow wow……


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