Bringing Your Kids to Mass

Bringing your kids to Mass is great, but there’s no ecclesial law saying you absolutely have to (until they reach the age of reason).

Jackie and Bobby Angel, who have three young children of their own, have learned some things from attending Mass with their children.

  1. You don’t have to bring your kids to Mass until they reach the age of reason, typically when they are eligible to receive first holy Communion. 
  2. Using the cry room can be a lifesaver.
  3. Some amazing parishes have a nursery or Sunday school for kids.
  4. Faith-themed books or other small toys can help keep kids occupied.
  5. Every kid is different.

If you see a family with young kids, please don’t judge. Be supportive.

Celebrate that a young family got to Mass! We’re a church family, so maybe even see if you could help.

As Bobby says, “The sound of a crying baby at Mass is the sound of a growing Church.” Tweet this quote.

Share you stories about bringing your kids to Mass in the comments below!

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