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Feb 1, 2022

Are You Avoiding Your Conscience?

When someone criticizes you or offers some critique of your behavior are you quick to receive it or to push back on them?

Today Jackie and Bobby Angel unpack the idea of dealing with hypercriticism as found in Venerable Fulton Sheen’s book, “Life is Worth Living.”

“Associated with this inner conflict is a tendency to become hypercritical: unhappy souls almost always blame everyone but themselves for their miseries. Shut up within themselves, they are necessarily shut off from all others except to criticize them.” – Ven. Fulton Sheen

For even more on Catholic Morality for everyone, be sure to read Dr. Matthew Minerd’s new book, Made by God, Made for God: Catholic Morality Explained:

Meet Jackie and Bobby Angel

Jackie and Bobby Angel

Jackie Francois Angel is a full-time worship leader and speaker. Bobby Angel is a campus minister and theology teacher at a Catholic high school. Married in 2013, they have four beautiful children and strive to grow in holiness each day!

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