An Essential Part of Christian Life

Too busy to pray? Pray more. There’s a reason it’s an essential part of Christian life.

That’s Father Mark-Mary’s advice, and he’s in good company, in fact he’s in saintly company.

He recounts a story when Fr. Benedict Groeschel told St. Mother Teresa that he didn’t have time for a daily holy hour, and Mother Teresa told him then he should make two holy hours a day.

She understood that prayer isn’t just a nice thing, prayer is a necessary thing, an essential part of Christian life. This advice points to the reality that if we have a busy day, we need to pray more—not less.

We want to build great things for the Lord, but they must be built on a solid foundation of prayer and communication with God.

In their daily journey to become more holy, this lesson has become vital to Father Mark-Mary and the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal.