Advice for Modest Dress

Following up on her last video, “Modesty in the Real World”, Jackie Angel joins Chika Anyanwu to offer more advice for modest dress.

We dress modestly out of our love of God and neighbor, and to protect ourselves from being seen as objects. Someone who loves you will see you as God does, and that is why spouses can be completely naked with each other. As Pope St. John Paul II said, “Love swallows up shame.”

But for those who do not have that bond of spousal love, the fallen nature of all human beings will inevitably make immodest dress a near occasion of sin. Dressing modestly for them is a kind of charity. Not to be the near occasion of sin for them shows concern for their soul.  

Jackie and Chika understand that fashions today could make modesty difficult, especially since dressing up means dressing sexy to a lot of people. However, our faith calls us to a higher standard, to be set apart. This requires a kind of creativity unique to the fashion world but similar to other artforms. 

The art of modesty is related to moderation since it requires moderating what you wear. Since fashion trends are so contrary to modest dress, to understand the importance of modesty often requires a conversion and a change of heart. Just trying to be presentable often is not enough since “presentable” may mean different things to different people. Simple guidelines about dress prove insufficient time and time again. It’s a matter of the heart, and both the person wearing the clothes as well as the one who is looking at her or him would do well to moderate what’s going on in their own hearts.

Meet Jackie and Bobby Angel

Jackie and Bobby Angel

Jackie Francois Angel is a full-time worship leader and speaker. Bobby Angel is a campus minister and theology teacher at a Catholic high school. Married in 2013, they have three beautiful children and strive to grow in holiness each day!

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