Our Lady of Guadalupe, Celebrating Santa Claus, and Being Catholic in College

Fr. Josh answers questions on Our Lady of Guadalupe, celebrating Santa Claus from a Catholic perspective, and how to bring Christ into the college culture. Standing in front of the sun, our Lady of Guadalupe points her children away from worshipping the sun to worshipping the son in her womb, Jesus Christ.   Our Lady of Guadalupe … Continued

Have We Forgotten Why Santa Matters?

Every year around mid December I find myself in the middle of a discussion involving the question, "When and how do you explain to your children that Santa isn't real."

Answering Your Questions

We are celebrating 300 episodes of Girlfriends this week! As part of the fun, I asked listeners for their questions and I devote this episode entirely to answering your questions. How you were raised and the traditions you had growing up, will play a large role in how you create traditions for your children. Listeners … Continued

Christmas Came from Christ

How did December 25 become the date we mark the great occasion of Christmas? Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI offers insights about this

Advent Traditions with Gracie Jagla

Our guest this week is children’s book author Gracie Jagla. Gracie is author of God the Father and the Best Day Ever, and the newly released The Night the Saints Saved Christmas. You may not have the time or the energy to follow through with all of your Advent plans, but something as simple as … Continued

Looking for the Lamb (Not the Chocolate Bunny)

What are you giving up for Lent? As Mardi Gras increases the urge to binge on anything that may be targeted for fasting on Ash Wednesday, there is a collective Catholic focus on what tangible pleasures will be sacrificed to build holiness over a forty-day period. Somehow, the pillars of prayer and almsgiving are relegated … Continued

St. Monica: The Fruitful Tears of a Mother

Many Catholic women look up to St. Monica because of the deep devotion she showed to God in her marriage and in raising her children. St. Monica is a guide to those who are struggling with marital problems, children who have fallen from the Faith, and victims of verbal abuse and unfaithfulness. She is also … Continued

God’s Story Is Your Story, Part 4: Salvation History

The challenge we face today is reading the Bible so the basic story line of salvation history is clearly seen and understood.

The 5 Best Vacation Spots for Catholics

Planning a vacation is an arduous task. From the schedules and itineraries, the tickets, hotels, and rental costs, to trying to find something for everyone, what started as a fun evening discussion quickly became a part-time job. Luckily, planning a trip oriented around the Faith affords wonderful possibilities to please the history buff and adventure-seeker … Continued

A Catholic Response to Our Colonial History

My local newspaper recently published an invitation to a demonstration for the removal of a monument on our city plaza in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The monument, erected after the Civil and American-Indian wars, once referred to Native people as “savages.” A brave individual chiseled away that horrific language long ago, to great celebration by the community. … Continued

20 Out-of-the-Box Things to Do for Lent

Are you tired of giving up chocolate for Lent? then here are some other creative ideas on what you can do for your Lenten commitment. To be clear, this is not a list of things to do instead of fasting and sacrificing during Lent. I’m always on guard for talk that sounds like, “I’m not … Continued

Three Wise Men, Three Gifts: Melchior, Balthasar, and Caspar

Melchior is remembered as the bearer of gold, a treasure of great value, even today.