Is Love Really Just a Choice?

“I choose you.” No longer just a snappy line from Pokemon, these words now shoot me back to the time of my best friend’s unraveling—when the truth of how he felt about me struck him with insight so clear and force so powerful that it led him to offer his life and his love to … Continued

Where Is God When Tragedy Strikes?

Where was God? It’s a question posed in the aftermath of everything from natural disasters, violent acts, and, most recently in my neck of the woods, the tragic accident that claimed the life of Maria De Simone. Maria was the sister of Toronto-born pop artist Joee, a local hero in my city, as much for … Continued

How God Prepares Us to Be Good Soil

Jesus’ parable of the sower and the seeds is so often repeated that we run the risk of it becoming too familiar. As soon as we hear the words, “A sower went out to sow,” we might be tempted to tune out and assume that we know what’s coming. Oh, sure, I know this one. … Continued

Does God Really Expect Us to Be Perfect?

“Nobody’s perfect.” Those words, so often repeated during my elementary school years, desperately urged us students to relax, to ease up on ourselves and others, and to be content with simply doing our best. Unfortunately, in recent years, it’s become evident that the mantra fell upon deaf ears. According to a 2017 study by the … Continued

What We Can Learn from St. Anthony of Padua’s Humility

Eloquent preacher. Insightful teacher. Powerful miracle-worker. St. Anthony of Padua is many things to many people, but of all his varied roles, none leaves us with a more powerful example to follow than that of his fervent and humble response to the call that God places on each of our lives—the call to discipleship. Early … Continued

What You Might Not Know About God’s Plan for Your Life

What do I do now? That question came nipping at the heels of my reversion to the Faith. I had handed my life over to God, I was in communion with his church, and I was in a state of grace. But I still wasn’t sure of what exactly I was supposed to be doing. … Continued

What Many People Miss about Jacob’s Stolen Blessing

There are few biblical stories that vex me more than that of Jacob stealing his brother Esau’s blessing. I’m sure I’m not alone. Our human sensibilities naturally balk at this kind of blatant miscarriage of justice. Surely, God wouldn’t be condoning such deceitful behavior, would he? So what’s really going on here?  Isaac, aged and … Continued

Is COVID-19 Setting the Stage for a Miracle?

We are living in unprecedented times. In a matter of weeks, COVID-19 has managed to usurp the rhythm of our daily lives, throwing us into a chaotic, fearful, and challenging existence. With hundreds of new cases being reported each day, stay at home orders in effect worldwide, and churches being instructed to close their doors, … Continued