Be My Guest: Hudson Byblow on Same Sex Attraction, Holy Friendships, and Healing from Pornography

Fr. Josh is joined by Hudson Byblow to discuss the Catholic Church’s teaching on same-sex attraction, cultivating holy friendships, and healing from pornography. “The only one who can satiate that infinite ache that we have is an infinite God.” Glory Story (4:03) Hudson’s Background (8:37) Experiencing Same-Sex Attraction  (15:49)      Hey Father,  I am Catholic and … Continued

Why Tender-Heartedness Is Manly (and Needed More Than Ever)

“Wait, there is more,” I told my dad as we walked outside. Typically, our walks were only one-hour-long. This one stretched into four. It contained moment of truth after moment of truth, for within it I was sharing elements of my testimony with him for the very first time.    There were parts that were difficult … Continued

All I Was Looking for…Was Friendship

I will never forget the day I received an email from a guy (now in his 60s) saying that all these years he thought he was gay, but recently he came to realize that he simply desired friendship. I thought to myself, “Wow! His story needs to be shared!” The Desire for Friendship Friendship was … Continued

Absolution and Indulgences: Two Distinct Gifts from God

Imagine if you had two amazing gifts to give, but no one to give them to. Perhaps people weren’t interested in them and/or perhaps people simply didn’t know what they were. Well, when it comes to indulgences and absolution, I see the Church being the bearer of those two gifts, however, met with a similar … Continued

When the Suffering Becomes Too Great

Well, here we are in the “new normal” of COVID-19. And we don’t know how long it’s going to be before things change. We have to strive to be strong and to be together (in spirit, of course). This indeed will test our character, our strength, and our coping mechanisms, and will really show what … Continued

Will We Survive without the Holy Eucharist?

When COVID-19 really hit Canada, a friend of mine lamented the fact that she was no longer able to go to Mass in person. I understood her frustration, because I too love attending Mass/Divine Liturgy, and find myself somewhat lost without it. Many others feel that way as well. Of course, when the cancellation of … Continued

Talking to Children about Coronavirus

With so many crazy things happening in our world today, we can easily lose sight of the “long game.” At times, we may become short-sighted and fail to choose the best course of action. With regard to the current coronavirus crisis, we have a duty to our children to form them appropriately and well. But … Continued