Ask Father Josh: Your Catholic Question and Answer Podcast

Fr. Josh Johnson helps you navigate the tricky times in life when our Catholic faith doesn’t give you an easy, “fill-in-the blank” answer. Each episode, Fr. Josh will address three to four of your questions. He’ll cover everything from Catholic teaching to moral dilemmas to relationship advice.

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Meet the Host

Father Josh Johnson

After powerfully encountering Jesus in the Eucharist as a teenager, Fr. Josh Johnson dedicated his life to becoming a wholehearted disciple of Jesus Christ. Ordained for the Diocese of Baton Rouge in 2014, Fr. Josh has dedicated his priesthood to inviting all people to become saints in their walk toward eternity. He serves as the vocations director for the Diocese of Baton Rouge, as well as pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus parish.

Fr. Josh travels widely as a speaker at conferences, retreats, and youth events. He is well-known for his popular Ascension podcast Ask Father Josh as well as his Q&A video show on the Ascension Presents YouTube channel, the largest Catholic channel in English. Additionally, he has written several books with Ascension, including the best-selling Pocket Guide to Reconciliation (co-written with Fr. Mike Schmitz), and has contributed to several Ascension faith formation programs, including Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed and the Rejoice! Advent series.


Such a good, faith-filled podcast

Father Josh is one of the best explainers I have heard on the internet. He makes things funny and answers every question in a thoughtful way. I always walk away having learned more about my Catholic faith!

— elizabethlopez

Best Catholic Podcast - Fr. Josh is awesome!

I have been a Catholic for 32 years and find Fr. Josh’s podcast extremely valuable. His advice is solidly Catholic, loving, do-able and “real world” applicable. The world needs more Fr. Josh!

— Twinkele


Thank you Fr. Josh for your very clear and helpful answers to questions! You are always uplifting!

— Emk125

Spreading the gift of God

I am a new listener of Fr. Josh and love the messages he speaks about God. It has enriched my daily journey to be a better Catholic and to put God’s word into action. I recommend this podcast wholeheartedly! Thank you, Fr. Josh!

— RoseSLP81

One of my favorite podcasts!

Father Josh is so insightful and knowledgeable of the Catholic faith! He breaks down each answer so it’s digestible and easy to relate without passing judegment on the reader or question. I laugh every episode with his quirky songs and stories. Highly recommend for any person wanting to grow their faith!

— camprejean

A fun deep dive into Catholicism

Father Josh is the greatest! He is so relatable and funny (love his glory stories and especially his singing!) and I’m having so much fun learning about my faith. I’m finding out there’s so much I don’t know and this podcast has been so enlightening. Father Josh doesn’t shy away from the difficult topics. He’s made me believe that I can be a saint. Take a listen—I believe he can inspire you, too.

— Elswyth00