Hiring Parish Employees Made for Mission

Parishes need employees ready for mission and eager to change the world. Today, Dave “The HR-Man” VanVickle shares his expertise and tips hiring successful and reliable parish employees that will transform your parish. Snippet of the Show Working for the Church is not just a job, it’s calling to a mission rooted in prayer and … Continued

The Rise of the New Age Movement

The New Age movement is on the rise in our culture and we have to understand how to reach those being drawn to its spirituality. Dave “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” VanVickle and I answer a listener’s question about how to reach those involved in the New Age movement. We discuss the reasons behind the popularity … Continued

Which Homeschool Curriculum Should I Choose?

Ascension thanks heartofamother.net for giving us permission to republish this article. I’m sorry. I can’t tell you which homeschooling method or program is right for your family. With some details about you and your children, I can make suggestions or guesses based on my thirteen years of homeschooling experience and sixteen years of researching curriculum … Continued

Confession 201: How to Confess Like an Adult

For most of us, instruction in going to confession took place in the second grade, right before First Holy Communion. We were taught how to confess like children and most of us have never received any further instruction. So we still think in terms of “I disobeyed Mommy, I pulled the dog’s tail, and I … Continued

Personality Test: Part 4

For this final video in her series on the natural temperaments, author and presenter Rose Sweet addresses the inclination we have to wear “masks” when circumstances require it. Using examples from her own life, Rose continues to explore the many nuances of personality, explaining how knowledge of ourselves can lead to happiness and holiness. Rose … Continued

Personality Test: Part 3

In this third part of her series on personalities, Rose Sweet dives deeper into the the four natural temperaments by exploring the natural blends of choleric-melancholic, sanguine-choleric, and phlegmatic-sanguine. She also addresses the role that temperaments can play in different marriage relationships. For more from Rose Sweet on this topic check out her book, Personality … Continued

Personality Test Part 2

Rose Sweet continues her series on the four temperaments— sanguine, choleric, melancholic and phlegmatic—stressing that these are not labels we put on people, and highlighting the strengths and needs of each one. Rose will speak at the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia this month. Find out more about her at https://rosesweet.com.

Personality Test Part 1

Author, speaker and producer Rose Sweet discusses the spiritual aspects of the four temperaments. When seen in proper light, these classic personality traits can help us understand how we are all made in the image and likeness of God, and put religion back in our relationships. Rose will speak at the World Meeting of Families … Continued