Motivation to Get Your Family Together to Pray

One of my favorite movies as a kid, and even to this day, is The Incredibles. I remember watching this movie for the first time thinking, “That is my family.” For those who haven’t seen it, the movie is all about a family of superheroes in the throes of the ups and downs of family … Continued

Jesus’ Ascension and the Theology of the Body

Can you imagine the sheer glory it must have been to watch Jesus being lifted up and taken to eternity? After forty days of walking on the earth testifying by his wounds his victory over death, Jesus raises our eyes to something even greater and more glorious: heaven. I have pondered what heaven must be … Continued

True Friendship vs. Toxic Friendship

Have you ever seen that movie Mean Girls? It’s the ultimate comparison of toxic friendship and true friendship. Aristotle describes three different types of friendship that can help us understand what true friendship is: Friendship of utility, which is a friendship based on circumstance. It just makes sense to be their friend, since you work … Continued

Should You Date Outside the Faith?

If you’re wondering whether or not you should date someone outside the Faith, keep in mind that the purpose of dating is to find someone to marry. If you know you don’t want to marry, you probably shouldn’t be dating. Taylor dated someone who wasn’t Catholic. It seemed to be going well at first, but … Continued

How to Combat Spiritual Laziness

Catholic singer-songwriter Taylor Tripodi shares how she learned to combat spiritual laziness with God’s grace. She first felt a lack of desire to pray after getting back from a Steubenville conference, where she experienced a spiritual high that ended up being a spiritual low when she returned to her regular life.  She noticed that it’s … Continued

A Faithful Response to Canceled Masses amid COVID-19

I was driving to daily Mass at the Cathedral in Cleveland a few days ago when I got the call from my mom who painfully related the message that Mass is to be suspended indefinitely in our area, with most dioceses in the country issuing similar mandates and dispensations for our Sunday Mass obligation. To … Continued

The Good and Bad of Music Ministry

Music ministry in the Church has been shaping me and my faith since I was a little girl. By the time I was eleven years old, I was cantoring at my home parish—getting involved in anything music-related in the Church that I possibly could. There was a lot of joy that came from using my … Continued

Want a Deeper Surrender? Let It Go with This Novena.

This past week I had the privilege of leading worship at a Life Teen camp in Medina, Texas. It was a beautiful week! Besides being saturated in the theme of Mary’s fiat—reflecting on her openness to the will of God—we spent a significant amount of time talking about what it looks like to surrender, because … Continued

Seeing Loved Ones Again: Hope in the Resurrection

When my brother Bobby died at the age of three, it changed the course of my life forever, starting with my family. I was only six years old, but boy, did it affect me. Our family was the classic Chr-easter Catholics with an occasional Sunday in the mix, but my parents never really saw the … Continued

5 Things That Will Complicate Your Life

Looking for peace and simplicity? Get rid of the factors that complicate your life. Jeff zeroes in on the things that disrupt our peace and rupture our relationships.   He explains how each of these things affects us and what we can do to overcome these disruptions and find our inner calm. Snippet from the … Continued

‘I Thirst’: What Did Jesus Mean?

When you imagine the face of Jesus, what do you see? How do you picture him? Is he kind and serene? Strong and bold? Is he extending his hand in mercy? There’s so many images of Jesus, and he reveals himself to us in many ways, but usually when I reflect on his face in … Continued

A Better Lent, Catholic Art, and Adoration

For our Editors’ Choice this time around, we’re featuring work by Colin MacIver, Taylor Tripodi, Anthony Visco, and Andre Zachman. Colin talks about what Lent is really about in his podcast. Taylor explains why society needs Eucharistic Adoration. Anthony encourages young Catholic artists to devote their talent to God, and Andre offers an explanation for … Continued