Fill Your Mind with Christ (Part 3 on Prayer)

Dr. Sri has shared about scheduling prayer and four keys to prayer. Now, he shares about two popular forms of prayer. Dr. Sri also offers his thoughts on why prayer is important and how it impacts our daily lives. Snippet from the ShowIt is always important to end our prayer with some sort of resolution. … Continued

“Imaginative Prayer: The Visitation” | Fourth Week of Advent (Year A) (feat. Fr. Mark Toups)

Father Toups recaps where we’ve been in the videos and the journal this Advent season. He leads us in an imaginative prayer exercise, meeting Mary and Elizabeth at the holy moment of the Visitation.

4 Keys to Conversation with God (Part 2 on Prayer)

Are you looking for a simple, straightforward approach to prayer? Dr. Sri shares about the 4 keys that ought to be incorporated into our prayer each day. He explains why each one is important and beneficial to our prayer. Snippet from the ShowWhen we adore God, we are acknowledging that he is the creator and … Continued

An Examen Prayer for 2022

As we draw near to the end of this year, Jeff guides us through a practical examen prayer to help us reflect on the blessings we’ve received this past year and identify the areas of growth for the new year. “Jesus, show me what you want me to see” Preparation for the Examen Step 1: … Continued

The Deep Breath of Prayer (Part 1 on Prayer)

Do we depend on God as much as we depend on oxygen? In the first installment of this two-part miniseries, Dr. Sri shares basic principles of how to prepare our hearts for prayer in order to fully receive what God desires to give to us. Snippet From the ShowIf we realize how important daily prayer is, … Continued

How to Let Your Guard Down in Prayer

Today Fr. Mark Mary is joined by Sr. Mary Grace, SV to discuss how to let down your guard and allow the Lord to love you in your vulnerability and wounds.

Questions to Bring To Your Prayer Time

Are you desiring a deeper prayer life? Do you wish you could hear the Lord speaking more clearly to you? Today Fr. Mark Mary is joined by Sr. Maria Regina Immaculata, SV to share three questions to bring to your next time of personal prayer.

Pray With Us: Night Prayer

We invite you to pray with us Night Prayer or Compline from the Liturgy of the Hours with Sr. Maria Regina and Sr. Mary Grace of the Sisters of Life.

Pray All Day: The Angelus and Other Prayers to Sanctify Each Day

“The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary…” Do you know the rest of the prayer? Today, Fr. Mark-Mary challenges us to build little moments of prayer into each day that recenter us and help us to more fully live the call of St. Paul to “pray without ceasing.”

Prayers to the Saints

When we pray, can we pray to the saints? Or should we focus our attention solely on Jesus? Fr. Josh explains what it means to pray to the saints and when to ask for their prayers. The saints are the Body of Jesus Christ, just as we are the Body of Christ. Glory Story (2:01) … Continued

What Does a Mom’s Prayer Life Look Like (with Rachel Balducci)

Danielle is joined by author Rachel Balducci to discuss the prayer life of a mother. Rachel shares how she came to write her new book as well as some of the real challenges to growing in relationship with Jesus while living a busy life and raising a family. Snippet from the ShowThe more you show … Continued

Daily Prayer: How Do I Do It?

How do you make prayer work in the pressures of daily life? Dr. Sri responds to this question with lessons learned in his own life as well as some key advice for the practice of daily prayer. Snippet from the Show“The soul needs prayer like the body needs oxygen.” -St. John Paul II Throughout our … Continued