All About Mary: Hail Mary Prayer, Ark of the Covenant, and Mary’s Virginity

In honor of Mary’s nativity celebrated by the Church this week, Fr. Josh answers questions about the biblical origin of the Hail Mary prayer, whether Mary is the new Ark of the Covenant, and how we can understand Mary’s perpetual virginity. Snippet from the Show Mary is a bridge to Christ, we cannot reach Christ … Continued

How to Make Your Own Prayer Space at Home

Do you have a space for prayer in your home? Having a specific place we go to pray can not only help build our intentionality with God, but also help our consistency in daily prayer. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, and you don’t have to redesign your apartment, house, or dorm room to … Continued

Try This Prayer When You Are Feeling Frustrated (Serenity Prayer)

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.” -The Serenity Prayer If you’re finding yourself frustrated and struggling to surrender your plans to God, the Serenity Prayer is for you. We all have things we care about that … Continued

Making Time for Prayer, Attending Mass with a Baby, and Eucharistic Miracles

Fr. Josh answers questions about how to make time for prayer when you are busy, what do when you are struggling to attend and participate in Mass as a new mom with a baby, and how Eucharistic miracles strengthen our belief in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. When we pray in the … Continued

Be My Guest: All About Prayer with Fr. Mark-Mary

Fr. Mark-Mary, CFR joins Fr. Josh to talk all about prayer. They answer questions about hearing God’s voice in prayer, developing a close relationship with God, silent vs. vocal prayer, and praying for the conversion of loved ones. Fr. Mark-Mary also shares about his new book, Habits for Holiness. For our loved ones far from … Continued

The Simple, Powerful Prayers You Need to Know: “Arrow Prayers”

Have you ever heard of arrow prayers? Arrow prayers are part of ancient Church teaching, and are still pretty popular in the Eastern Church. They’re short little prayers that we throw out to God, and are specific in engaging the present moment, or “piercing” it like an arrow. In a simple sense, they serve in … Continued

Simple Ways to Make Daily Prayer a Habit (with Anna Mitchell)

Happy Easter! He is risen! Anna Mitchell, host of the Son Rise Morning Show on Sacred Heart Radio, joins me to talk about daily prayer. Anna shares an innovative idea for making a habit of daily prayer — an audio recording of simple prayers she created with her co-host Matt Swaim. You can get the … Continued

Jesus’ Final Prayer

As we enter into Holy Week, we remember the moment Jesus entrusted his life into the hands of the Father on the Cross. What might the Father be inviting you to place into his hands? Today, Dr. Sri explains the significance of this prayer, and encourages us to also place our lives in the loving hands … Continued

Special College Edition: Consistent Prayer, Young Saints, and Diversity in Campus Ministry

In this special edition of Ask Father Josh, Fr. Josh answers questions from college students. He discusses how to develop a consistent prayer life when you have a busy schedule and how to cultivate cultural diversity in campus ministry. He also shares inspirational saints who were holy when they were young.  “The higher we go, … Continued

How to Make a Personal Prayer Space

Do you have a space in your home that is devoted to prayer? A quiet spot you can retreat to daily and spend time with God? This week, I am encouraging you to make one if you don’t already have such a place. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it can be a wonderful … Continued

Dealing with Depression or Acedia in Lent, Fasting, and Distractions in Prayer

Fr. Josh discusses how to enter into lent if you struggle with depression or acedia, types of fasting, and how to deal with distractions in prayer. “When you fast and experience hunger, turn to Scripture so you can feed on the Word of God.” Dealing with Depression or Acedia in Lent How should I approach … Continued

Name Changes in Scripture, Overcoming Envy, and Daily Prayer

Fr. Josh answers questions on name changes in the Bible, overcoming envy, and creating a daily prayer routine. “We don’t want to focus too much on ourselves in prayer: prayer is about God, not about us.” Name Changes in Scripture Hi Father Josh, Why does Jesus change the name of people, like Simon becomes Peter. … Continued