Meet the Messengers: Malachi and His Relevance Today

When people tell me they think the Old Testament prophets are irrelevant or simply artifacts of the past, I often point to the prophet Malachi.

Meet the Messengers: Ezekiel, God’s Watchman

Ezekiel never ascended an actual watchtower; instead God would give him a targeted warning or message to share with his people.

Meet the Messengers: Jonah, the Reluctant Prophet

To call Jonah a reluctant prophet would be a gross understatement.

Meet the Messengers: Jeremiah, Prophet of Hope

If there was ever a man that would have every reason to be without hope it would be the prophet Jeremiah. He’s called “the weeping prophet” for a reason.

Meet the Messengers: Isaiah, Faithful and Available

When it comes to the Old Testament prophets, one could argue that Isaiah is without peer.

Meet the Messengers: Hosea, Prophet of Mercy

God’s first command to Hosea wasn’t to simply call people to repentance, but to embody in his own life, the broken relationship between the Lord and his people, Israel.

The Living: A Relentless Hope

The Christians of the first century often referred to themselves as followers of “the Way.” They also called themselves “the Living.” The idea was analogous to the saying, “Everyone dies, but not everyone truly lives.” Among the social classes and religions of the day, Christians had a relentless, living hope that could never be stripped … Continued

In Attendance with the Angels

“For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.” – Psalm 91:11 Angels are a fundamental part of our Catholic Faith. While they are often depicted in fantasy and fiction, angels are just as real as Jesus himself. They have been created by God, and they enjoy beholding his … Continued

Why St. Martha Should Be a Role Model

Many of us have a saint or two whom we can relate to and we want to emulate. One of my favorites is St. Martha (feast day: July 29). We see Martha several times in Scripture, and the first introduction to her is not very flattering. But in her later appearances, we see a woman … Continued

‘Who Do You Say I Am?’: Jesus in Matthew 16:15

As Jesus’ conflict with the Pharisees was intensifying and as he was preparing his apostles to understand his crucifixion, he asked them: Who do you say I am? The context further reveals that he was trying to discern whether or not, after his departure, his apostles would feed his people the Word of God or … Continued

Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume

A great professor I had in college spoke to our class one day about something he called, “praying the Bible.” He explained that this can be seen as a form of lectio divina, but it is truly in its own category. The mission and motive of this prayer is to read a Gospel passage, or … Continued

How to Do Lent Differently This Year

Fr. Mark-Mary gives some practical advice on how to do Lent differently this year. It begins with having the right mindset. Namely, we ought to remember that Lent is a time to establish a deeper relationship with God. It facilitates conversation with the Lord, making it easier to grow in intimacy with him. Fr. Mark-Mary … Continued