Marriage Discernment, Virtuous Friendships, and Tithing

Fr. Josh answers questions about discerning marriage, cultivating friendships that help us grow in virtue, and the Church’s teaching on tithing and being generous with our money. “Vocations are born from a relationship with Christ, and a relationship with Jesus is born from prayer.” Questions Discerning Marriage Hi Fr. Josh! I had the blessing of … Continued

Interrupt Your Marriage

Our discussion this week is about “interrupting your marriage.” What does that mean and why do I think it’s a good idea? I share about a recent impromptu overnight “getaway” Dan and I had, and how it reminded me of the importance of disrupting our relationship sometimes. Marriage is not a business partnership, it’s a … Continued

Be My Guest: Fr. Mark Toups on Advent and the Beauty of Mary and Joseph’s Marriage

Fr. Mark Toups joins Fr. Josh to discuss the beautiful marriage of Mary and Joseph and how they can help us prepare this Advent for the birth of Jesus. “If every priest loved the Church the way Joseph loved Mary everyone would want to be Catholic.” Rejoice! Advent Meditations with the Holy Family Rejoice! Advent … Continued

Love Like Christ in Your Marriage: From Eros to Agape

Falling in love is easy, but persevering in marriage can be challenging. In this episode, Dr. Sri explains the difference between eros and agape love, and reminds us that marriage must go beyond our own personal feelings and emotions. He offers couples four ways to move from eros to agape love in order love like Christ … Continued

Marriage: Unity with Imperfections

In this week’s episode, Dr. Sri is joined by his wife, Beth Sri, as they talk about the Holy Trinity and its relationship with marriage and family life. They talk about things like how love plays its part in the Trinity, fighting perfectionism in marriage, and practical ways to build unity in your marriage and … Continued

How to Navigate Your Marriage During COVID-19

Many marriages are being put to the test right now, as we continue dealing with the stresses of quarantine. Jeff is joined by psychologist Dr. Peter Damgaard-Hansen to discuss common problems that are happening in marriage during COVID-19 and how we can overcome them.   Snippet from the Show “Our need for love is greater than … Continued

Original Parents, Vocations to Consecrated Single Life, and Annulment After Civil Marriage

Fr. Josh answers questions about whether Adam and Eve are the original parents of all people, what the vocation of consecrated single life and consecrated virginity is, and if someone married by the Justice of the Peace needs an annulment.  Snippet From the Show “Original sin was passed down to all of us from them … Continued

How Fasting Can Help Your Marriage (with Colleen Duggan)

Author Colleen Duggan joins us for today’s show, sharing about some of the surprising ways that the practice of fasting has blessed her marriage. We have talked about some of the spiritual benefits of fasting before, but Colleen is passionate about its strength as a spiritual tool specifically for marriage.  Connect with Colleen Duggan:Colleen’s websiteColleen’s … Continued

Sex in Marriage, Arguing about Contraception, and Recovering from Sexual Sin

What kinds of physical acts are morally acceptable when it comes to sex in marriage? What do you do when one spouse embraces NFP and the other insists on using contraception? How can an engaged couple recover chastity and peace after giving into sexual temptation together?  *Disclaimer: Parents may want to listen to the podcast … Continued

Don’t Fear Marriage

It is possible for a marriage to not be broken. Jackie and Bobby have served as living examples of that reality on this channel, but today they address the fear of marriage head on. In today’s culture, where it’s almost expected for marriages to have a list of problems, Jackie and Bobby reassure us that … Continued

Unanswered Prayers, Unplanned Pregnancy Before Marriage, and Bible Translations

Fr. Josh answers questions about what to do when you feel angry at God because of unanswered prayers to alleviate the suffering of a loved one, if cohabitation is a good solution to handle an unexpected pregnancy before marriage, and which translation of the Bible is the best to get started with.  “The more you … Continued

All About Discernment: Dating, Marriage, and Jackie and Bobby Angel

Fr. Josh is joined by Jackie and Bobby Angel to answer these three questions about discernment: What should I do when I’m single but feel called to marriage? What should I do when I’m discerning marriage but I’m not ready for kids? What should I do when the person I’m dating isn’t Catholic? Get 15% … Continued