Anamnesis and the Key to the Mass

At the beginning of my lessons on the Mass, as a middle school teacher, I always showed the trailer to Altaration by Ascension Press. The video is filmed in slow motion with loud music, soft lighting, strong doses of incense, and a clever use of suspense. After showing the video one year, a student raised … Continued

The Labor Pains of Christ’s Passion

Fr. Mark-Mary brings guest Joanna Griffin on camera to share her (first) birthing experience and how it made her look at Christ’s passion in a whole new light. And just like her son Benedict—who is alive because of her efforts—will never fully understand what she went through to bring him into this world, we’ll never … Continued

A Roadmap toward Parish Conversion

On July 20, the Holy See released a document named “The pastoral conversion of the Parish community in the service of the evangelizing mission of the Church.”  Its sole objective is to evaluate, challenge, and inspire parish communities to mirror the face of Christ to the world that surrounds them.  There are countless avenues of … Continued

4 Lessons from Christ on the Eucharist

The Bread of Life Discourse (John 6:22-71) is the single greatest teaching regarding the Eucharist that we have from the lips of Jesus himself. As in every passage in the Bible, the context of the passage is crucial. Directly prior to Jesus’ teaching on the Eucharist we have two of the most famous miracles of … Continued

Who Are the CFRs?

The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal (CFRs) are a reform order of Capuchin friars, religious sisters, and priests whose mission began in 1987. Their goal and purpose are to work dynamically and specifically for personal and communal renewal of the Church through a focus on serving the materially poor and evangelizing the world regarding the … Continued

St. Maximilian Kolbe and the Gift of Life

In the midst of the worst war this world has ever seen there was a Catholic priest who stood tall against the evil forces that desired to conquer the planet. He was a nobody from Poland who continued to conquer evil long after his death. He faced the greatest possible trial, but through that tribulation, … Continued

JPII and the Current Cry: ‘We Want God’

On May 18, we celebrated what would have been the one-hundredth birthday of Pope St. John Paul II. This milestone caused the world to rightfully recollect about the life, mission, and message of this hero of our time. One of his most iconic moments occurred forty-one years ago this past June.  In his first visit … Continued

Pier Giorgio Frassati and Living in Love

Pier Giorgio was born in Turin, Italy in 1901 and died at the young age of twenty-four. In a short span of time, he became widely known for several qualities including his Eucharistic devotion, service to the poor and vulnerable, and his love for nature through outdoor activities such as hiking and rock climbing. Frassati’s … Continued

‘The Last Dance,’ Michael Jordan, and the Theology of the Present

“The Last Dance” is an ESPN ten-part documentary on the legacy of Michael Jordan that debuted in April. Jordan is, unequivocally, the most influential sports figure of the past fifty years. From his shoe brand and Nike dynasty, to his tongue-out killer demeanor on the court and his “like Mike” commercials, he owned it all. … Continued

Turning Cheeks and Flipping Tables: Christ’s Teachings on Retaliation

The flipping of tables is not Jesus inciting change through violence, but a statement about his relationship to the Father and his invitation to humanity.

Preparing for Confession: The BAKER Method

Here is a helpful acronym when we are preparing for confession or making an examination of conscience at the end of the day: BAKER. Blessings: Call to mind the people, things, and events you are thankful for from the day. Ask the Holy Spirit to allow you to see your flaws and sins from today. … Continued

God, ‘Why Have You Done This?’

The single most consistent, critical and crucial cry toward God throughout the history of humanity during times of trial, challenge, and despair has been some form of the question: “Why have you done this to us?” (Luke 2:48). Implicit in this brutally honest statement is the accusation that if God truly loved us he would … Continued