Finish Advent Strong: Celebrate Christmas Well

Can you believe it, Christmas is almost here? Was your Advent as spiritually fruitful as you had hoped? Regardless of how faithful you were these past four weeks, Bobby shares how even in these final days of the Advent season we are invited to begin again, “Nunc Coepi” to recommit to our spiritual practices and … Continued

9 Powerful and Practical Ways to Celebrate Advent This Year

Each year, Advent sneaks up on me. The liturgical seasons of the Church express a natural rhythm, but in an automated and rushed age, I find it difficult to fully enter into them.  To be intentional this Advent, God isn’t necessarily calling us to make lofty commitments consisting of grand gestures like monastic-level prayer or … Continued

Is Advent a Time for Fasting or Feasting?

Today, Fr. Josh fields a question from Cecily; “I want to know how I can fast and feast in this advent season. I’m a protestant and need some examples on fasting and feasting.” Ask Fr. Josh is the question and answer show to help you navigate life when our Catholic Faith doesn’t give an easy … Continued

Advent Traditions with Gracie Jagla

Our guest this week is children’s book author Gracie Jagla. Gracie is author of God the Father and the Best Day Ever, and the newly released The Night the Saints Saved Christmas. You may not have the time or the energy to follow through with all of your Advent plans, but something as simple as … Continued

3 Simple Advent Essentials

It can be easy for us to rush into the joy and excitement of Christmas without truly living the Advent season. Dr. Sri offers us three simple and essential ways to prayerfully enter into the season of Advent. Snippet from the Show Advent is the season when we patiently wait for the Lord and prayerfully … Continued

What to Expect When You’re Expecting the Birth of Jesus | Fourth Week of Advent

What did you expect to get out of Advent this year? How does that compare to how it actually went? If it didn’t meet your expectations, that’s okay. Mary and Joseph didn’t expect to conceive the son of God and give birth to him in a stable in Bethlehem. We hope that Rejoice! Advent Meditations … Continued

Giving Up Control Like Mary Did | Third Week of Advent

Fr. Josh Johnson looks at how Mary showed her love and her respect for St. Joseph. Instead of ever telling Joseph how to do his job as a husband and a father, she gave St. Joseph the time and the space to discern. She was imitating God the Father, who gives us the time and … Continued

Finding Joy in a Covid Advent

How does your Advent look different this year? Many of us are dealing with being flexible in the face of an Advent season that is limited in many ways. We are dealing with changes in school and work routines on top of changes in gatherings and celebrations that can make finding joy feel very challenging … Continued

St. Joseph: An Example for All Husbands | Second Week of Advent

How did St. Joseph love our Blessed Mother as her loving, chaste spouse? He made her feel safe. He gave her heart a place to bloom. And he found rest in the Heart of the Father, from whom all husbands draw their peace and strength. Didn’t get the journal yet? No problem! It’s now available … Continued

What Makes Advent Different from Lent

Fr. Mark-Mary talks about the differences between Advent and Lent, and the beauty that comes out of each season. If you haven’t yet, make sure you check out Fr. Mark-Mary’s last video on how to find more time to pray during Advent. In the video Father offers some practical tips for filling your day with … Continued

Praying in Tongues, Holy Water, and Fasting in Advent

Fr. Josh answers questions about praying in tongues, the purpose of holy water, and why we should fast during Advent. “From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like holy water to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again. They also flee from the Cross, but return; so holy … Continued

From Uncertainty to Trust | First Week of Advent

Fr. Mark Toups shows us how Mary and Joseph had to rely on God. They couldn’t do anything by themselves, and neither can we. We all have uncertainty about the future sometimes, but God wants to transform this uncertainty into trust in Him. Didn’t get the journal yet? No problem! It’s now available in E-BOOK … Continued