‘O Emmanuel!’ – Seventh and Final Day of the O Antiphon Series

As with the other titles, Emmanuel is not so much a proper name as a message. Emmanuel means “God is with us.”

‘O King of the Nations!’ – Sixth Day of the O Antiphon Series

In this post, Thomas Smith reflects upon the O Antiphon “King of the Nations” from the December 22 daily Mass. You can find his other reflections on the O Anthiphons leading up to Christmas here. Read (This can also be sung to the melody “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”) O come, Desire of nations, bind, … Continued

‘O Dawn!’ – Fifth Day of the O Antiphon Series

Have you ever wondered why Jesus began his public ministry in the northern region of Galilee and not in Jerusalem?

‘O Key of David!’ – Fourth Day the O Antiphon Series

O come, O come, thou Key of David come, And open wide our heavenly home, Make safe the way that leads on high, and close the path to misery.

‘O Root of Jesse!’ – Third Day of the O Antiphon Series

When Isaiah declared these words, times were bleak. The Davidic throne was in peril. Soon the city of Jerusalem and its temple would be leveled and burned to the ground.

‘O Lord!’ – Second Day of the O Antiphon Series

The Lordship of Jesus is united intimately with being God’s chosen Messiah.

‘O Wisdom!’ – First Day of the O Antiphon Series

If you read through the Book of Emmanuel (Isaiah 7-12), you know that one of the characteristics of the Messiah is that God’s Spirit would rest upon him in a singular way (Isaiah 11:1-2).

The O Antiphons Explained: A Daily Series Leading to Christmas

The Church has invoked the titles of Christ in the O Antiphons for at least 1,300 years. These seven ancient prayers have been prayed by over millions of Christians. The medieval monasteries used to ring their largest bell as the choirs of monks intoned Mary’s Magnificat and these Advent antiphons. They are invoking Christ in seven messianic titles. They … Continued

Reflections on the O Antiphons with Thomas Smith

Today, we will introduce you to the history, practice and invitation of the O Antiphons.

Editors’ Choice – O Antiphons and the Season of Hope

If you’re looking for the latest and best free content from Ascension Media, you’ve come to the right place.  READ We are preparing for the coming of Christ, so what better way to do that than by reflecting on the O Antiphon prayers that invoke the ancient titles of Christ leading up to his arrival … Continued

What’s in a Name? Reflections on the “O Antiphons” with Thomas Smith

The titles of Christ in the O Antiphons have been invoked by the Church for at least 1,300 years. The Medieval monasteries would ring their largest bell as the choirs of monks intoned Mary’s Magnificat and these Advent antiphons. All seven can be found in the oracles of the Old Testament prophet Isaiah, who gives … Continued

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