Bringing Children to Mass, Stations of the Cross Outside of Lent, and Altar Servers

In this episode, Fr. Josh answers questions on bringing children to Mass, praying the Stations of the Cross outside of Lent, and understanding rules around altar servers. Snippet from the ShowJesus is always inviting you to enter more deeply into the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Check out Fr. Josh’s new book On Earth As It … Continued

Cross the Finish Line Strong This Lent

Lent is almost over…. 40 days of fasting, prayer, and sacrifice have passed in the blink of an eye. How do you feel? Are you puffed up with pride or weighed down by discouragement? Today Fr. Mark-Mary offers a final word of encouragement to lean into the mercy of Jesus however you feel as we … Continued

Stay in Love with Jesus this Holy Week | Holy Week of Lent | The Ascension Lenten Companion

This Holy Week, as Jesus prepares to lay down his very life for you, he invites you to stay with him. He wants you to be with him as he is betrayed, arrested, and crucified. He wants you to be with him when he rises from the dead. Will you stay by his side? The … Continued

When You Don’t Deserve God’s Mercy | Fifth Week of Lent | The Ascension Lenten Companion

God knows everything about us. He knows each and every one of our sins, but his love for us is so great that he wants to forgive us—even when we don’t deserve it. This week, we place ourselves in the shoes of the woman caught in adultery, throw ourselves down at the feet of Jesus, … Continued

Responding to Unhelpful Words of Condolence and Celebrating During Lent

In this episode, Fr. Josh answers questions on how to respond to unhelpful words of condolence and what the parameters are for celebrating during Lent. Fr. Josh also offers advice on how to offer condolence to those who have experienced a miscarriage. Snippet from the ShowGod is inviting us to want Heaven for everyone. Glory … Continued

The Prodigal You | Fourth Week of Lent | The Ascension Lenten Companion

The story of the prodigal son is a picture of God’s deep love for us as His beloved children. God, the compassionate Father, longs for you to return to Him and welcome you home with outstretched arms. This week, we place ourselves in the shoes of the prodigal son and search in our hearts where … Continued

Failing at Lent? Make This One Change

Were you motivated to have a life-changing Lent this Ash Wednesday, only to find that—a few weeks in—you’re failing? Fr. Mark-Mary walks you through one change you can make that could change your entire Lent: dedication.

See Yourself as Jesus Sees You | Third Week of Lent | The Ascension Lenten Companion

Imagine if you could see yourself the way Jesus sees you. Even in the midst of our sins, struggles, and failures, Jesus looks upon us with love as His Beloved. All He asks for us is to meet His gaze and fall in love with Him in return. This week, we turn toward Jesus and … Continued

Are your Lenten Penances Being Fueled By Pride?

Are you just checking the boxes this Lent? In order to make sure that our penances aren’t just “arbitrary”, Fr. Mark-Mary invites us to explore our “why” this Lent. He invites us to pursue a relationship with the living God, and not just to achieve some feat of endurance.

What Can Jesus Do for Me This Lent? | Second Week of Lent | The Ascension Lenten Companion

Do you long for direction in your life? Do you find yourself creating your own path, and getting lost? Hitting dead ends? Life can hit hard, and when it hits hard, who do we run to? We sure don’t run to a fantasy. Who is Jesus? We’ve learned these past few weeks that he was … Continued

If Lent Doesn’t Make You Feel Good . . .

Want to know what the #1 goal of Lent is? Believe it or not, we don’t have to feel the joy of the season to reach it. Instead, we have to focus on living it! Today, Fr. Mike challenges us to go beyond performing our works of penance for selfish reasons but instead to model … Continued

Listening to Homilies, Charisms of Religious Orders, and Lent during Pregnancy

Fr. Josh answers questions on whether or not you have to listen to the homily at Mass, what the some of the different charisms in religious orders are, and what Lent should look like for an expectant mother. Snippet from the ShowBefore we complain about life circumstances, go to Jesus and be open to his … Continued