How to Pray Lectio Divina – Part 1

Father Mark Toups explains how to pray lectio divina using the ancient form of Catholic prayer. This four part lesson is taken from the comprehensive eight part study, Oremus, A Guide to Catholic Prayer. The Oremus study goes even further teaching the essentials of effective and fruitful prayer, how to express oneself to God in … Continued

How to Pray Lectio Divina – Part 2

Father Mark Toups teaches how to meditate on the Word of God, explaining how to discern what the Lord is saying to you in your life. Reflecting on personal experience, he shares what implications certain Scripture texts had in his life, and teaches how you can make a Bible passage your own message from God.

How to Pray Lectio Divina – Part 4

In this final part, Father Mark Topus teaches his audience to rest in God’s presence, explaining the mystery of contemplation. This intense form of prayer is where God strengthens us with his power, making our prayers effective and fruitful, so we may be rooted in his love.

An Invitation to Pray: Christmas Eve Lectio Divina

In this special Christmas Eve episode, Fr. Josh invites us to pray lectio divina with Matthew 1:18-25. He draws our attention to St. Joseph’s virtue and righteousness as he prepares for the birth of Jesus. May we learn to be righteous like St. Joseph, who was unwilling to put Mary to shame. The Birth of … Continued

An Invitation to Pray: Lectio Divina

Do you want to learn how to pray with Scripture? This week, Fr. Josh invites us to pray  using a prayer method called Lectio Divina. Fr. Josh shows us how he prays with Scripture by meditating on the Wedding Feast of Cana in the Gospel.  In the Wedding Feast of Cana, we see that Mary … Continued

Fill Your Mind with Christ (Part 3 on Prayer)

Dr. Sri has shared about scheduling prayer and four keys to prayer. Now, he shares about two popular forms of prayer. Dr. Sri also offers his thoughts on why prayer is important and how it impacts our daily lives. Snippet from the ShowIt is always important to end our prayer with some sort of resolution. … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 5: Prayer and Study

If Jesus asked you to follow him today, would tomorrow be any different than yesterday? Jeff discusses some the disciplines of a disciple and reveals their importance in the life of a follower of Christ. Snippet from the ShowIf you want to know what Jesus prayed about, look at what he did. Announcements “Pop-Up” Pilgrimage … Continued

Be My Guest: All About Prayer with Fr. Mark-Mary

Fr. Mark-Mary, CFR joins Fr. Josh to talk all about prayer. They answer questions about hearing God’s voice in prayer, developing a close relationship with God, silent vs. vocal prayer, and praying for the conversion of loved ones. Fr. Mark-Mary also shares about his new book, Habits for Holiness. For our loved ones far from … Continued

Praying the Rosary with St. Joseph

Happy Year of St. Joseph! Today, Fr. Mark-Mary shares the prayer that has brought him closest to the foster-father of Jesus. Although there may not be any words attributed to St. Joseph in the Bible, he is an essential part of salvation history, and deserves much more recognition than is granted him. One way you … Continued

An Invitation to Pray: Rosary for Racial Repentance (with Tara Winder)

This week, Fr. Josh invites you to pray a decade of the rosary with him and Tara Winder for the intention of repentance. True repentance leads to authentic racial reconciliation within the Church and our nation. Fr. Josh prays a Lectio Divina Rosary, where he will read a piece of scripture, pray on it, and … Continued

Praying the Bible: To Ponder and Consume

A great professor I had in college spoke to our class one day about something he called, “praying the Bible.” He explained that this can be seen as a form of lectio divina, but it is truly in its own category. The mission and motive of this prayer is to read a Gospel passage, or … Continued

How Do You Pray with the Bible?

You know you should be praying. But do you ever wish someone would show you how? Fr. Mike starts by showing us how to pray with the Bible with a time-honored method called lectio divina. Typically it consists of five steps: Read a short snippet of Scripture, a few verses. (This is the “lectio” part.) … Continued