How to Worship at Home with Your Family

Wouldn’t it be great if the Church came out of this pandemic stronger? Wouldn’t it be a true blessing if Catholics found themselves more committed to attending Mass? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if parishes and dioceses were not financially crippled, as they lose out on the weekly collection (Reminder: Please keep giving to your parish!) … Continued

Fr. Mike on Evangelization: Telling the Story of God’s Love

Fr. Mike speaks about evangelization, new media, and telling the story of God’s love at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia. Addressing future pastors, he tells them “the heart of your formation is to become a dad” to your parishioners. He encourages them to use the same motto they use at the Newman Center of … Continued

Evangelization for Introverts

And here it is. The deliverable. The mission: Go, make disciples of all nations.  In other words, evangelize. Yikes! To Catholics that’s a scary word bringing to mind images of people on street corners, telling us the end of the world is near (Chicken Little anyone?) or people going door to door with religious pamphlets. … Continued

St. Paul’s Evangelization Method: Go Where the People Are

When St. Paul had his conversion experience, it can rightly be said that he was “cut to the heart” just as the three thousand souls in the Acts of the Apostles were shortly after Pentecost (Acts 2:37-42). When one has a conversion experience like this, an experience which leads one to forsake all other things … Continued

Evangelization in a Post-Christian Society: The Purpose of the Church

Do you want to evangelize in a post-Christian society? There are a few things you need to know. We all proclaim the same gospel, but we all need to use different methods. The methods that St. Paul used in Athens or Rome and the approach of a missionary in India, Southeast Asia, or parts of … Continued

Christ’s Great Commission and His Command to Evangelize

Some time ago, I had detailed my experience as chapter coordinator for the Joliet Chapter of St. Paul Street Evangelization, an apostolate that does exactly what it sounds like: it evangelizes. This apostolate answers the call that our Lord Jesus gave us, which is to make disciples of all nations. The best way to do … Continued

Faith Formation Matters in a Secularized Society

Our culture needs the gospel now more than ever. Catholics can’t let their religion remain just a personal matter

7 Reasons Fathers Should Practice Their Faith in Front of Their Kids

This article was originally written in 2019, but has been recycled for it’s relevance. Happy Father’s Day! I wear a lot of different hats when it comes to the daily or weekly grind, but none of those roles is more fulfilling than being a father to my three sons. At the same time, there is … Continued

The One True Church: Part 1

When my wife and I were newlyweds and had just rented our first place, we were fortunate to find a friendly and vibrant parish nearby with a very evangelical pastor. Yes, he was Catholic! Maybe a better word would be “evangelistic”, and that’s because he understood the call our Lord Jesus gives us, reiterated by … Continued

Culture Minus Religion Equals Politics

Dave “Velvet Fog” Van Vickle and I dive into history, culture, and politics (oh my!). We talk about three types of culture—pre-Christian, Christian, and post-Christian—and what Catholics can do to navigate the current political climate and evangelize in the culture without getting swept up in it. We want to hear from you! Email us at … Continued

3 Reasons Why Young People Don’t Stay Catholic

You have probably seen the polls that say young people are leaving the Church. According to the data, it is not that they are hostile to all things spiritual, but that they have become indifferent to organized religion. They are “into” spirituality without structure—or, one could say, a soul without its body. Why is this … Continued