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Take a look at Ascension’s latest videos, podcasts, and articles below. Explore new content from established Catholic artists and emerging talents, all here in one spot. Revisit whenever you have the chance, and you’ll be sure to discover new material on our media page. Ascension Presents Fr. Mike Schmitz Why Joy Is More Christian … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 8: The 40 Day Journal Challenge

As the Activated Disciple series comes to a close, Jeff recaps our journey over the last couple of weeks and offers us some next steps in our personal discipleship with the Lord. Imitation is the foundation of discipleship. Announcements “Pop-Up” Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Jeff & Emily Cavins, June 1-12, 2022Go to: … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 7: Covered in the Dust of My Rabbi

What does it mean to be covered in the dust of your rabbi? In this episode, Jeff explains this historic phrase and reveals how as activated disciples, we must conform our lives to Christ. We are called to participate in the life of Christ. Snippet from the ShowAn activated disciple must conform their life to … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 6: Cup of Kerygma

How do we proclaim the Gospel to others? Jeff shares the seven points of the Gospel that every evangelist should know, common excuses we make up for not sharing the Gospel, and the simple way we can double our parish size in just five years.  Evangelization always begins with proclaiming how the Lord changed your … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 5: Prayer and Study

If Jesus asked you to follow him today, would tomorrow be any different than yesterday? Jeff discusses some the disciplines of a disciple and reveals their importance in the life of a follower of Christ. Snippet from the ShowIf you want to know what Jesus prayed about, look at what he did. Announcements “Pop-Up” Pilgrimage … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 4: Going All In

How does someone come into the Church? Jeff outlines the process of a person coming into the Church and how you can be a part of that process. He also discusses what it means to put on Christ and be a part of the Body of Christ. Snippet from the Show“For as many of you … Continued

Activated Disciple Series Part 3: Who Is Choosing Whom?

Who chooses whom? In this third part of the Activated Disciple series, Jeff Cavins explains how God chose us first and how we are called to respond. Snippet from the ShowThe vocation of every Christian is to imitate God. Announcements “Pop-Up” Pilgrimage to the Holy Land with Jeff & Emily Cavins, June 1-12, 2022Go to: … Continued

The Leaven of the Pharisees

What is the leaven of the Pharisees? Diving into Scripture, Jeff shows how Jesus Christ came for all people and that even now we must avoid the Pharisaic view and bring Christ to all people. Snippet from the ShowIf everyone in the Church lived and worshiped like you, would the Church grow in the next … Continued

Living the Good Life

What does it mean to live the good life? Jeff Cavins describes what it really means to live the good life and gives twelve aspects of living it. He also identifies the barriers we might face in our pursuit. Snippet from the ShowA key to living the good life is to daily do the will … Continued

What Mother Teresa Said to College Students

In 1982, Mother Teresa of Calcutta delivered a powerful commencement address at St. Thomas Aquinas College. Today, I share with you her simple yet profound words to those young people. No matter what you’re going through in life right now, Mother Teresa’s timeless words will surely move your heart and remind you that you are … Continued

Grape Branches – Embrace Your Spiritual Seasons!

God helps us to grow into the fruitful branches he needs us to be by having us endure different spiritual seasons. Just like each season is essential to the growth of a fruitful grape vine, each spiritual season plays an essential part in helping us as disciples better follow Christ. Jeff offers some comforting perspective … Continued

St. James: Witness and Martyr

St. James was one of Jesus’ twelve disciples and the first one of them to be martyred.