How to Be a Countercultural, Courageous, Contagious Catholic

A decade ago, I sat in Denver’s airport waiting for a flight to Wyoming. Looking for ways to pass the time, I took out my rosary and started praying. Seeing this, a young family across the terminal waved to me, and the father called out to me with a big smile as he took out … Continued

Kairos Can Happen in Ordinary Time (a Short Story)

“Excuse me. Can you tell me what time it is?” Kerry asked a passerby. The stranger took out her smartphone, and said, “Ten to two.”

What If We Just Wrote About What We Believed?

Just write. This has been my mantra for the better portion of my life, and it has gotten me into some pretty tight spots and heated debates, some scolding admonishments and some harsh criticisms. The bad has outweighed the good, so why do I continue? Why does anyone, for that matter, bother to communicate in … Continued

What’s New on Ascension’s Website?

Here’s what’s new across all our platforms this week. Below you will find a roundup of everything from Game of Thrones to transubstantiation. If you aren’t aware of all the amazing free content Ascension’s website has to offer, here’s your chance to get a taste. Ascension Presents Fr. Mike Schmitz Ascension Presents’ popular series with … Continued

The Perpetual Mystery of the Trinity

The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It rolls off the tongue so naturally that we hardly give it a second thought. But as common as it may be for us to make the sign of the cross, the tradition only hints at the mystery -- perhaps the greatest of mysteries.

Generosity – the Greatest Spiritual Gift

"Generosity is basically love, with feet."

Are My Sacrifices Working?

The Book of Eli (Denzel Washington) and The Road (Viggo Mortensen) provide powerful illustrations for Fr. Mike’s episode about hope this week. These two dystopian stories demonstrate how hope can give us the strength to put everything on the line for something or someone we love, even when we know we may not see the … Continued

Praying the Rosary in October: The Glorious Mysteries

As October draws to a close and we prepare to celebrate the Solemnity of All Saints, we reflect upon the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary that remind us of what God has in store for us beyond this life and this world.

Praying the Rosary in October: The Luminous Mysteries

This is the second part of a series that will explore the Mysteries of the Rosary throughout October. These posts are longer than usual, but only because we wanted to really dive deep into the depths of each Mystery.

Praying the Rosary in October: The Joyful Mysteries

October is the month we dedicate to the Holy Rosary, and today is the Memorial of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, so there is no better time to begin diving deeper into each mystery.

Mary's May Crowning: Part 5

Mary’s experience of losing Jesus is one we might experience in our spiritual lives. We face trials that cause us anxiety. Prayer becomes dry. We wonder why these troubles have come upon us.