Why Was Christ Baptized?

John the Baptist was a mighty prophet, a prophet like the Jews had not seen for hundreds of years. It is easy for modern readers to miss that. John was a very big deal. His message was simple, “Repent. Prepare the way of the Lord.” Scripture says that great masses of people from all of … Continued

The Ultimate Guide to Catholic Baptism

Got questions on Catholic baptisms? We’ve got answers! We’ve gathered the insights and knowledge of our experts in Catholic Faith formation for this guide, explaining everything you need to know about Catholic baptisms. Looking to learn: What a Catholic baptism is? The symbolism behind the sacrament? Why they’re so important to our faith? Why Catholics … Continued

Planning a Thriving Family Life amid Coronavirus

Last night, as I was mindlessly scrolling through social media, I came across a post from Bob Rice that inspired me.  What was it?  A simple photograph of his family’s schedule, with the caption, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  There is a lot of wisdom in that. Our family is going … Continued

Pentecost: Rush of a Mighty Wind

On Pentecost the Spirit invades creation in a new way.

Mary’s May Crowning: Part 8, the Coronation

Mary, as Queen Mother, is an advocate for us. It is a role Christ has given her. Do not be afraid to go to her.

How Did the Apostles Feel on Holy Saturday?

Have you ever stopped to ponder what Holy Saturday must have been like for those who loved Jesus?

Why Jesus Came When He Did

Jesus came into the world a little over two-thousand years ago. That is a historically demonstrable fact. So, we know it happened. But why did it happen when it did? Scripture tells us that the reason he came was to save us. Seems simple enough, but there are some questions. What was he saving us … Continued

Editors’ Choice: Church Doctors, Bobby Angel, and Battling Demons

Check out our editors’ choice this week! With new podcasts, articles, and videos being released every day, Ascension is striving to walk with you in your faith journey. But sometimes, we realize our mountains of content on everything from in-depth Scripture analysis to balancing family life can be a bit overwhelming. So each week, our … Continued

The Reality of Demons and How to Overcome Them

Devil and demon costumes are popular for Halloween. But sadly, many people—especially children—wear these costumes without knowing that the thing they are dressing up as actually exists. If more people knew more about the reality of demons, would there be a difference in the way we perceived these costumes, and would this affect the generally … Continued

Music from the CFRs and a New Video Channel

This week in the Ascension Media world, we introduce a new video channel on Ascension Presents: Jackie and Bobby Angel. On top of that, Jeff Cavins talks about discovering God in ordinary places, and Thomas Smith writes about the secret place Jesus went to pray. Find this content and more below. Ascension Presents Jackie and … Continued

A Closer Look at Saint Luke

The New Testament is dominated by the writing of two men, St. Paul and St. Luke. St. Paul is obviously a towering figure in the mind of the Church, and a great deal is known about him. But what about St. Luke? Well, apart from his name, the everyday Catholic may know very little about … Continued

What’s New on Ascension’s Website?

Here’s what’s new across all our platforms this week. Below you will find a roundup of everything from Game of Thrones to transubstantiation. If you aren’t aware of all the amazing free content Ascension’s website has to offer, here’s your chance to get a taste. Ascension Presents Fr. Mike Schmitz Ascension Presents’ popular series with … Continued