Zeal for Your House Will Consume Me

There is a well-known passage from the second chapter in John’s Gospel in which Jesus drives the money-changers out of the Temple. It is perhaps familiar to people because it is one of the few places where we see Jesus’ anger in action.  Since the Passover of the Jews was near, Jesus went up to … Continued

Resisting Temptation at the Foot of the Cross

Attend any sporting event and chances are you will see someone holding a sign that says “John 3:16.” This is certainly a wonderful verse from Scripture that I am glad to see broadcasted to the world—because everyone should know that God sent his only son to save us. However, I wonder how many people know … Continued

Pros and Cons of Ushering

I was approached one Sunday evening at the beginning of Mass and was asked to help take up the collection. I figured that’s what I got for sitting in the last row after rushing in during the opening song. It had been one of those Sundays—and I was thankful my parish had an evening Mass. … Continued

The 5 Best Vacation Spots for Catholics

Planning a vacation is an arduous task. From the schedules and itineraries, the tickets, hotels, and rental costs, to trying to find something for everyone, what started as a fun evening discussion quickly became a part-time job. Luckily, planning a trip oriented around the Faith affords wonderful possibilities to please the history buff and adventure-seeker … Continued

A Prayer Meditation on the Sacred Heart of Jesus

We have spent some time looking at the various wounds of the heart, wounds that can be extremely painful and destructive, and are in desperate need of tending and care. We have looked at how the Sacred Heart of Jesus offers the perfect remedy for these wounds, but it can still be difficult to approach … Continued

Wounds of the Heart, Part 3: Fear, Defensiveness, and Apathy

We continue our exploration of the wounds of the heart by focusing on fear, defensiveness, and apathy. These are enormous topics in general, so it helps to remember that we are just looking at these topics as wounds, rather than as psychological or even biological responses to a given situation. These three are related by … Continued

Wounds of the Heart, Part 2: Anger, Envy, and Confusion

We continue our exploration of the wounds of the heart by focusing on anger, envy, and confusion. Perhaps, these three do not seem like wounds at all, but more like defense mechanisms or appropriate responses to injustice. And, while that can be true, at least for anger and confusion, there are ways in which all … Continued

Wounds of the Heart, Part 1: Guilt, Shame, and Sadness

Usually, June is an exciting month. School is ending, vacation season is gearing up, and northern states are beginning to enjoy the warmth of sunshine once again. This year, however, feels less exciting for obvious reasons. In the face of the pandemic, and now national protests and civil unrest, I’ve found myself more introspective and … Continued

3 Tips for Mission Trips

The first mission trip I ever led was an international trip with thirty young adults to a third-world country. We left our hometown at 1 a.m. and made it ...

Who Is the Holy Spirit and Why Should We Pray to Him?

During the Last Supper, Jesus says to the apostles: “But I tell you the truth, it is better for you that I go. For if I do not go, the Advocate will not come to you. But if I go, I will send him to you.” John 16:7 Imagine the confusion for the apostles when … Continued

The Technophobe’s Guide to Leading a Virtual Bible Study

Running an in-person Bible study or small group can be intimidating enough, never mind trying to conduct a group virtually. If you’re considering hosting a group, but have no idea where to start, this step-by-step guide is for you. For the technophobes out there—you know who you are—your first virtual Bible study group is only … Continued

What Is the Meaning of Life? (Hint: It’s Not 42)

I can’t help but think about the 2005 movie, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, whenever ‘the meaning of life’ becomes the topic of conversation. Spoiler alert: a super-computer in that film discovers that the meaning of life is “42.” While I’m a fan of the movie for the slap-stick humor, I find its overall … Continued