Hebrews: The Heavenly Grandeur of the New Covenant (with Dr. Andrew Swafford)

Have you ever wondered where Christ fits in the story of salvation? The letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament beautifully shows us how Christ is the fulfillment of the old covenant and the pinnacle of this story. In this episode, Dr. Andrew Swafford gives us an insight into his new study on the … Continued

The New Covenant and Hebrews

With the incarnation of Christ, mankind was able to gain entry into the New Covenant that had been alluded to by the prophets for centuries, as recorded in the Old Testament. n Finally, the long-awaited fulfillment of the Old Covenant had arrived, and perhaps nowhere better in the Bible is this described in detail than … Continued

God’s Story Is Your Story, Part 5: The Old Testament

As Catholics we should never read the Bible with an attitude that ties the Old Testament strictly to the Jews, and the New Testament to Christians.

Why Did God Become Man?

There are four reasons why God became man: to reconcile us with God to show us God’s love to be our model of holiness to make us partakers in the divine nature. Quoting St. Peter, St. Irenaeus, and St. Athanasius, the Catechism states: “The Word became flesh to make us ‘partakers of the divine nature’: … Continued

St. Monica: The Fruitful Tears of a Mother

Many Catholic women look up to St. Monica because of the deep devotion she showed to God in her marriage and in raising her children. St. Monica is a guide to those who are struggling with marital problems, children who have fallen from the Faith, and victims of verbal abuse and unfaithfulness. She is also … Continued

What Makes the Transfiguration Central to the Faith

The Transfiguration—perhaps like the Ascension—is a mystery of faith that often receives too little of our attention and meditation. But in truth, it is a mystery at the very center of our faith. When St. John Paul II gave us the Luminous Mysteries, he considered the Transfiguration the mystery of light par excellence (see Rosarium … Continued

Is Heaven Just Another Form of Consciousness?

What will happen to us after this earthly life? That’s a question for those born in the twenty-first century, or living over five thousand years ago. This thought process also goes for those that are Christians, Buddhists, or atheists entirely. While each individual may have his own ideas of what happens after death, not every … Continued

How the Priesthood Comes from the Bible

Sts. Clement of Rome and Ignatius of Antioch, writing at the end of the first century and the beginning of the second century respectively, give no doubts about the reality of the priesthood, bishops, and deacons—all rooted in apostolic succession, stemming from the first bishops as successors of the apostles. For example, around AD 96 … Continued

Laudato Si, Creation & Humanism

The heart of Pope Francis’ new encyclical derives from the Christian perspective of creation — that the world stems from the hand of an all-powerful Creator...

Hebrews: An Inside Look at the Mass

Jeff interviews Dr. Andrew Swafford on his latest study, Hebrews: The New and Eternal Covenant. Dr. Swafford shows us that by understanding the roots of liturgical worship in the old testament, we can have a deeper appreciation for the eternal sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. In this episode, Jeff and Dr.Swafford dive into the … Continued

Hebrews: A Catechism in Miniature

Amazingly, the letter to the Hebrews offers an early summary of the entire Christian faith; it’s like a little catechism, stemming from the earliest generation of Christians. When Was It Written? Hebrews gives every indication that it was written before AD 70, that is, before the Romans destroyed the ancient Jerusalem Temple—an event that signals … Continued

How the Mass Finds Its Roots in the Bible

Diving deep into themes found in the Book of Hebrews, Dr. Andrew Swafford explains how the roots of the Mass can be found in the Old Testament’s references to the Old Covenant, and the fulfillment of that covenant in the New Covenant through Jesus Christ.  Jews of the Old Testament understood that the Holy of … Continued