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Dec 13, 2019

How to Pray for Your Daughters

Jeff Cavins

This week, Jeff shares a beautiful prayer he wrote for his daughters and talks about the specific ways we can pray for them. He explains how daughters are unique gifts from God, and how their parents and guardians are called to pray for them sincerely and consistently.

Next week, Jeff will talk about how to pray for your sons.

Snippet from the Show

“Our daughters are God’s eternal daughters. And we only have them for a small period of time here on earth.”


Parts of this prayer broken down: 

1.Thank God for our daughters.

2. Recognize that your daughters … 

  • Are a gift from God
  • Are eternal and we have them for only a short time
  • Can never be repeated and are priceless.

3. Pray that your daughters … 

  • Grow closer to God
  • Will come to know God’s mercy 
  • Will come to know God’s voice
  • Will have a relationship with their holy Mother, Mary 
  • Discern their vocation, whatever it may be
  • Are protected from harm, especially harm of objectification and use.

4. Ask God to … 

  • Help you provide for your daughters with their eternal salvation in mind.


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  • Please pray for our 29 year old daughter, Laura. She is going through a very tough time, emotionally. She recently broke up w a boyfriend (from Catholic Match). The holidays have been hard on her. She is also a cancer survivor, praise God! TY for this prayer example.

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