Mary’s May Crowning: Part 8, the Coronation

Mary, as Queen Mother, is an advocate for us. It is a role Christ has given her. Do not be afraid to go to her.

How Mary’s Assumption Is Rooted in Tradition and Scripture

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which we celebrate on August 15, is the dogma most recently proclaimed by a pope infallibly.

The Assumption of Mary: A Sign of Good Things to Come

Her being taken to heaven body and soul is a foretaste of what God also has in store for us.

What Does Mary's Assumption Have To Do with Us?

Sometimes we can look at the unique privileges of Mary and merely admire them from afar.

Why Do We Call Mary “Mother of God?”

The dogma of Mary as Mother of God has its roots in Scripture. It is founded on the mystical union between Christ and his Church and Mary, the mother of the Church.

Why Is the God of the OT Vengeful & Violent?

We should pray for the grace to understand those Scripture passages that disturb us so that we might understand the truth our loving God wants us to see.

Where to Look in the Bible for Answers about Mary

Mary is often the most difficult stumbling block for non-Catholics, often leaving them wondering, “Why all this attention on her and taken away from Jesus?”

Commonly-Challenged Catholic Beliefs Defended (Using Not Just Scripture)

If there’s one major stereotype about the Catholic laity that just won’t go away, it’s that Catholics don’t know the Bible. So often we hear from many non-Catholic Christians that Catholics are ignorant of Scripture. Sadly, there is some truth to that. Of course there are many Catholics who know their Bible well, and quote … Continued

Feast Day: Queenship of Mary

She is Queen of Heaven by the mere fact that she is the mother of Jesus, but beyond that, she is deserving and qualified for the position as well.