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Mar 1, 2019

What Should I Do for Lent? QUIZ

The Ascension Team

Trying to figure out what to do for Lent? This quiz will give you some ideas.

Lent starts on March 6, just a few days away. This penitential time of year is an opportunity to cut out distractions and focus on God.

Please note that your Lenten sacrifice is a decision made between you and God. This quiz is meant to be a fun and helpful way to get you thinking about Lent.

Click below to get started!

For more ideas about Lent, check out this article: 40 Ways to Get More out of Lent.

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  • I give up anger and bad behavior. That was what I learned from Mother Angelica on EWTN I converted to Catholicism because of Mother

  • I got add a devotion which is interesting because it’s something that I tend to avoid. My parents do it and it’s something I want to do, just never seem to get around to it. This will be my lenten sacrifice and I’m hopeful it will be something I will continue to do.

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