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Mar 5, 2015

90 Day Challenge – Day 64

Sarah Christmyer

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Bible Time Period: Divided Kingdom

Israel split into rival kingdoms and fell into idolatry: help me to choose your kingship over other loves.


Until the end of chapter 8, today’s readings all take place in the north.  In chapter 5, notice how each person stands in relationship to God (the king of Israel; the Israelite servant girl; the king of Aram; Namaan the Aramean).  In chapter 8, a seven-year famine is announced.  Famine in the Bible is a covenant curse due to Israel’s unfaithfulness to her covenant with God.

Meanwhile down south, the kingdom of Judah has enjoyed 66 years of good kings and finally peace.  In chapter 8, the evil king Jehoram will take the throne in Jerusalem.

Today’s Reading

II Kings 5-8

Today’s Question

Who did king Jehoram take as a wife, and why might that choice have affected his reign?

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  • I just love Father Mike ! I look forward to your videos to appear every Thursday and they are a constant source of inspiration.

    BTW, sorry about the user name, my son picked it!

  • You are the cutest … thanks for your wonderful energy and enthusiasm … we have that in common … I love being Catholic too … I hope you will continue these all year long … <3 <3 <3

  • I have 4 sons who are fallen away Catholics and I’ve been praying for them to come back to the Church for 20 years. One came back to visit about 2 months ago and I was showing him all the videos from Fr. Mike and one day he said: “You know, mom, that guy (Fr. Mike) is getting under my skin; I kind-a-like him and what he says, makes sense” and I thought, “Thank you,Lord, and thank you, Fr. Mike”. He will come back to see me in the summer, so I will keep the videos to show him. Thank you Fr. Mike and thank you, Ascension Press.

  • Well said……very quickly said….I think you may have had some caffeine with that fire from the Holy Spirit?….just kidding the New Jerseyians should be able to keep up.

  • On a very light note, you’re family must just love you so much!! I have a 17 year old nephew who will begin his discernment for priesthood. He will be going to St. Joseph’s Seminary Loyola Chicago. I was his confirmation sponsor. I was so proud to be near his side. I will pray for him daily.
    I’m sending him your videos as he is so much like you!
    God bless you for devoting your life to the priesthood.
    Could I ask for prayers as this weekend I will be devoting my time to pray for women that will be on an Emaus Retreat. My ministry with other women is to pray the whole weekend for them to open their hearts to the Lord. To see Jesus on the road to Emaus. We will pray from 2 pm this afternoon until 3 pm on Sunday.
    Again God bless you Fr. Mike

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