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Feb 20, 2015

90 Day Challenge – Day 51

Sarah Christmyer

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Bible Time Period: Royal Kingdom

You established a kingdom on your servant David and promised him an eternal throne: Establish your kingdom in our midst.


Today we move on to the book of 2 Samuel, which describes David’s kingship and the covenant God makes with him.  In chapter 2, he becomes king over “the house of Judah” – the southern part of the kingdom–which “the house of Saul” (under Saul’s commander Abner) establishes Saul’s son Ish-bosheth as king over the northern territories.  The resulting civil war lasts more than seven years.

Today’s Reading

2 Samuel 1-4

Today’s Question

What is David’s response to the deaths of Saul and Jonathan?

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  • I really needed to hear this in discerning a friendship, wonderful facts too… this really helped me, I thank you so much. Light&Prayers Jason

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