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Feb 15, 2015

90 Day Challenge – Day 46

Sarah Christmyer

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Bible Time Period: Royal Kingdom

You established a kingdom on your servant David and promised him an eternal throne: Establish your kingdom in our midst.


Saul’s offense in chapter 13 is not light.  His authority as king is not to be absolute, but subject to the word of God.  By disregarding Samuel’s instructions, he is disobeying God.  When God rejects Saul as king, He doesn’t depose him immediately.  Saul will continue as king until his death, but there will be no ongoing dynasty based on him and his sons.

In chapter 16, God asks Samuel to anoint a new king: David, who is at this time a young shepherd from the line of Judah.  It will be years before he takes the throne, but it is David on whom God will establish his everlasting kingdom.

Today’s Reading

I Samuel 13-16

Today’s Question

Saul’s second major offense is recorded in chapter 15.  What does his punishment reveal about God, as explained by Samuel in verses 22-23?

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