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Feb 10, 2015

Here's a Unique Way to Promote a Bible Study

The Great Adventure

Sometimes all that’s needed to draw people’s attention to a Bible study is a little extra sweetness, like the Bible candies being used to promote the Great Adventure study in St. Anselm Parish in Wayside, New Jersey.

The Great Adventure Bible studies have been ongoing at St. Anselm Parish for a photo 1few years now. Kim DiBiasi started presenting them, and the study group completed A Quick Journey through the Bible, the 24-part Bible Timeline, A Biblical Walk through the Mass, Psalms, Matthew and they’re currently finishing up the Acts study.

As the studies continue to grow in popularity, Kim asked fellow parishioner Deirdre Roberts to lead a second wave of the studies for people that didn’t get in the first time around.

“Jeff Cavins and the studies have turned my life ‘right side up,'” Deirdre commented, “and if I can step into help offer the studies to other people that need to find their way to a new, stronger relationship and understanding of God and the Church then it will be a blessing for me to do my part to help organize and offer it again at St. Anselm.”

While researching and trying to figure out what might get people talking or pull families over to the registration table, Deirdre saw some pictures of candy Bibles that included Bible verses.

“Who knew Bibles could be that cute!!! I had to make them!!” she shared. She and another team member then put their own spin on the candies by incorporating quotes they were using on their promotional flyers that had Scripture as a theme. They added their church, the date and time of their study, and started handing them out to promote their study.

“I’m hoping they will be very eye catching and stir up a lot of interest,” she said, “and be icebreakers which lead to a lot of questions as well as registrations for our Bible Timeline study!”

She also hopes the Bible study will be a place of comfort, learning, and spreading of the Holy Spirit through their members and their church. Deirdre said she already has seen the positive ripple effect of the studies thanks to Kim’s leadership and Jeff Cavin’s passion and insightfulness.

“I pray everyday that God will bless our efforts and help our newest Bible Timeline study to be as successful as previous studies,” she shared.

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